South Africa

South Africa
Sindiwe and the Fireflies

There once was a girl named Sindiwe Magona. She had a special gift for stories. At night, little Sindiwe’s grandmother…

A Very Important Tree

Busi loves the big, beautiful tree outside her house. But her brother wants to cut it down. How will she…

The Memory Tree

Thembi and Thulani are sad. They miss Grandpa Nathi. Daddy and Mommy find a special way to remember Grandpa Nathi.

A Fish And A Gift

Yusuf’s father, a fisherman, is setting off for a fishing expedition. He is a loving and caring person who returns…

Lebo and Gogo’s Tea Party

Lebo’s grandmother, Gogo, is injured while chasing her on the farm. Lebo is very sad. She asks her to live…

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