A paradox of our times is that whilst the world is shrinking (metaphorically), the chasm of disrespect and misunderstanding between people is growing deeper and wider. Intolerance, biases, and deep-rooted prejudices, time and again raise their ugly heads to disrupt peace and harmony in society.

Salient Features:

Children will ‘connect’ with their peers virtually through stories.
They will get to listen to the voices of under-represented children living in different parts of the globe.
They will be encouraged to write and submit stories. Accepted stories will be published on the website. Thus children can take pride in becoming published authors.
Story writers and tellers from around the globe will find a platform to express their voices.
Schools with enlightened managements will use these stories to introduce curricular and co-curricular activities and encourage discussions in the classroom and/or, the library.


We at Zamasama are committed to bridging this gap by creating a better understanding and appreciation for diversity by connecting children across the world through stories. Stories that reflect the lives of children from different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and ethnicities. Stories of children from hitherto unreached parts of the globe, be they residing in urban cities or rural lands, in mountainous regions or scattered islands, in vast plains or desert lands. Children from such areas may have never seen stories from their own region published and in print before. For them it can be an affirming or empowering experience to see a story from their culture published and circulated, knowing that other children in faraway lands will be reading about them.

His Highness the Aga Khan has said, “What a wonderful, liberating thing it would be if more of us, more of the time, could see diversity not as a burden, but as a blessing; not as a threat, but as an opportunity.”


To give children a glimpse into the rich and diverse cultures of their peers residing in different parts of the world thus paving the way for a future where diversity is not only acknowledged but also appreciated.

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