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Sindiwe and the Fireflies
Sindiwe and the Fireflies
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South Africa


Book Dash


Cherene Pienaar


6-8 Years


Jano Strydom


Imagination, Story writer, Educator, Changemaker

About The Story

Sindiwe was born in 1943 and grew up in a small town in South Africa. When she was five years old the British colonisers handed over the country to the Afrikaners. New rulers were passed, many oppressive laws such as Apartheid came into existence. This meant that the original inhabitants of the land, the black people had to live in separate parts of the city. They were denied good jobs and education, in short, they had to accept being subservient to white South Afrikaaners.  When Sindiwe grew up she decided that the world needed to know the truth about their situation and hence, started to tell stories from her perspective and experience. The African proverb, “Until the lion can tell its own story, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter,” highlights the importance of people being able to tell one’s own stories.



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