Manuscript Submissions

Manuscript Submissions

Manuscript Submissions

Guidelines for Submission
1. How do I submit a manuscript?
You can submit your manuscript as a word document or a pdf file. Attach the same to
Please include…
• For picture books: the story (and pictures, if illustrated)
• For biographies: synopsis, and why you think children should read about this character.

2. What kind of stories do you accept?
Realistic fiction stories that reflect the location and/or traditions, culture, and life of the protagonist.

3. What should the word count be?
The word count should not exceed 1000. Ideally it should range between 500-800 words.

4. Can I submit animal, fantasy, and/or science fiction stories?
No. We accept only realistic fiction and biographies for now.

5. Can I submit Wordless stories?
Yes, you can.

Some More Information:

Once I submit a manuscript will it be published on
No. Our editorial team will select stories to be published based on certain criteria and inform you accordingly.

When will I know if my story has been selected?
We will inform you within six weeks of receipt.

How much will I be paid?
You can either contribute a story or decide to be remunerated for it. In the case of the latter, the payment will depend on the quantum of editing required.

How long do you take to review manuscripts?
A minimum of six weeks. During this period we will be unable to respond to your queries. Feel free to remind as after six weeks in case you have not yet heard from us.

May I send more than one manuscript?
Certainly. You can submit up to three manuscripts at a time.

Do I have to find an illustrator for my manuscript?
No. We will get the illustrations done, unless you are also an illustrator.

May I submit my manuscript to other publishers as well?
You may, after the six weeks review period. We would appreciate it if you inform us when you do.

How can I work with Zamasama as an illustrator?
Send in your portfolio as a PDF to, or an online link to your work, along with contact details. We’ll get in touch when we have a suitable project to offer.

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