Savio Finds the Right Angle

Fatima wants to finish her homework on angles. But her brother Savio drags her out to the beach. Will an…

Anna’s Extraordinary Experiments with Weather

Anna Mani was an Indian scientist who loved to read about the world around her. Peek into her eighth birthday…

The Grand Patch Up

Mary and Josana are neighbours and best friends. When they have a fight, Mary wonders how to patch things up…

Ammachi’s Incredible Investigation

Someone’s been stealing all the unniappams! Help detectives Ammachi and Sooraj, as they look for clues, set traps, and catch…

The Very Wiggly Tooth

Bunu’s loose tooth refuses to come out! Learn how, with a little help from a Himalayan folktale, Bunu loses her…

Forgetful Dida

Dida has a forgetting illness. She almost went to the grocery store wearing just one sandal, instead of both, and…

The Best Doll Festival, Ever!

Amma is sick. Appa is away. And there is no one to set up the customary display of dolls for…

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