A Very Important Tree
A Very Important Tree
Average Rating: 5.0


South Africa


Book Dash


Liam Longland


6-8 Years


Elana Bregin



About The Story

Why plant a tree? Why save a tree? Many reasons. One is that they provide us with good quality air, they provide a mini wildlife habitat which provides food for birds, insects and other creatures. These are some of the reasons, but there are many, many more. Every minute we lose several thousand trees across the globe, leading to widespread environmental degradation as well as contribute in a big way to climate change. Hence, every tree is important. In this wordless story a brave little girl fights to save a tree that her brother wants to cut down because its leaves litter his car.


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  • Really wonderful picture story. Even i am an adult, i enjoyed alot!! And i also saw their expressions to understand and i realised it works well to our youger students!!

    kasturi varanasi

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