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Angmo's Yak
Angmo's Yak
Average Rating: 4.0




Zamasama Original


Shamim Padamsee


5-8 Years


Zainab Tambawalla


Culture & Tradition, Animals & Wildlife

About The Story

Lifestyles of children in rural areas around the world is shaped by the geography of their regions. Set between the Himalayas, the Karakoram Range and the Zanskar Mountains, Ladakh is a cold desert with scanty vegetation. When summer sets in the herders set off with their sheep, goats and yaks to graze in green pastures. In this story, through Angmo’s search for her pet yak, the flora and fauna and the lifestyle of rural Ladakhis is revealed. In contrast is the story of The Tale of the Water Hyacinth is set in the Mekong Delta where children frolic amongst the water hyacinths and learn how their mother uses the plant to make a roof, shoes, bags and more. Where as in Dancing on Walls we get a glimpse into the life of a tribal family in western India.


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