The Archer
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Country: Myanmar
Author: Alyson Curro
Publisher: Let's Read Asia
Ages: 6-8 years
Theme: Biography

About The Story

Aung Ngeain was born in a small village of Shin State in Myanmar. She loved sports, especially archery so much so that when she was older she left for the capital city of Yangon to hone her skills. Finally, she was on the world stage, playing in international competitions. The competition was stiff and she lost. Disheartened, she nearly gave up but then encouraged by friends and family she persisted and finally won! What brought about this change? She learned that when things go wrong, not to feel sad—but to see it as a chance to get better. Even famous athletes like Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps made many mistakes before they became great. Every mistake helps one learn and grow. The message - Keep trying, work hard, stay persistent, and you are sure to get better and better!


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