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Manu Mixes Clay And Sunshine
Manu Mixes Clay And Sunshine
Country: India
Author: Bulbul Sharma
Illustrator: Shanta Devi
Publisher: Dastkari Haat Samiti
Ages: 8+
Theme: Culture & Tradition

About The Story

Whilst children around the world lead different lives in different situations, they share one thing: A love of learning new things, and a desire to feel important and grown-up.
Manu, a potter’s son, looked forward to being able to go to the market in the neighbouring town with his grandfather to sell their wares – pots, big and small, that they had formed out of the soft clay collected from the river bed. His life is similar to those of many other children around the world whose families over generations earned their livelihood from their traditional skills.
In this story as well as in A Fish and a Gift and The Tale of the Water Hyacinth children will learn the joys, challenges and even difficulties that such families face to earn a living. The story is illustrated in the traditional Madhubani folk-art form, one of the many in India. Another one on this website is the Warli art form used for illustrating the story, Dancing on Walls.


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