Teacher’s Observation Bounthy’s Singing Bird

Teacher’s Observation Bounthy’s Singing Bird

Bounthy’s Singing Bird


The story provided a compelling narrative that highlighted the environmental threats, facing ecosystems and the importance of taking direct action to address these challenges. The story adds value to the curriculum by addressing the issues of the real world, related to the unit itself. The story helped the students to think about their role in conserving the ecosystem. As the story was related to their unit, they could make connections with their learning, and could reflect on how human activities are destroying the ecosystems. They also could connect how their action can conserve the ecosystems. Engaging students in discussions about a story like Bounthy’s Singing Birds was an excellent way to promote critical thinking, language development, and comprehensive skills. Students’ key takeaway was to be caring towards animals and be empathetic to their feelings to conserve the ecosystems.

Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh

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