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Dance Khuzwayo, Dance!
Dance Khuzwayo, Dance!
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Fiske Serah Nyirongo


6-8 Years


Jess Jardim-Wedepohl


Culture & Tradition

About The Story

Folk dance is a means of storytelling and expression, a language that speaks of community, spirituality and human experience. The roots of folk dances stretch way back in history. There were special dances for special occasions; to connect with the spirt, to celebrate victory in war, to celebrate harvests, weddings and births and more. In African dance, the rhythm is king. People dance to the thunderous sounds of the drums and other instruments. Different styles of dance evolved in different parts of Africa. The Adumu is a traditional Maasai dance from East Africa in which the warriors leap high up into the air with legs straight and upper bodies erect. The Zulu Indlamu dancers move with synchronized steps to the rhythm of drums and a chorus of singers. In this story, Khuzwayo is invited to perform the Ingoma, traditionally performed by elaborately dressed members of a tribe after winning a battle. They dance with loud thumping of their feet and singing. Folk dances are prevalent in every culture and tradition creating a strong bond and sense of belonging within their communities.


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