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Chuskit Goes to School
Chuskit Goes to School
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Story Weaver


Sujatha Padmanabhan


6-8 Years


Madhuvanti Anantharajan


Community, Inclusion & Disability

About The Story

Can a physical disability be a reason for some children to be denied an opportunity to go to school? Sadly, in parts of the world that is a reality. Many schools do not have ramps to enter the school building nor mobility around the classrooms. An important goal is to create a more inclusive society that supports and enables children of all abilities to grow and thrive - emotionally, physically and mentally. In this story, a well-meaning child takes it upon himself to get the school authorities and his peers to enable a wheel-chair bound girl who longed to go to school make her dream come true. This inspiring story demonstrates how the power of one and empathy can move mountains, build bridges and clear obstacles out of the way - figuratively and realistically.



  • wow very nice! I am loving Zamasam for the stories now


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